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Sorry for the delay. Game updates on Tumblr page.

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Your office building is being overrun by infectious co-workers due to a vaccine side effect.

Your first goal is to escape the building. But....you are on the top floor. You search for supplies, help co-workers, and deal with massive hordes of infectious flu co-workers. You either accept your fate and get infected or you fight through the infectious co-workers until you reach ground level and escape your office building.

-About The Game-

Clock Out is a Top-down survival game where you play as the Employee. The Employee must survive each floor to progress onto the next floor. If the Employee gets infected, they restart the floor all over again.

-Game Features Include-

  • Searching for items in the office to help fight against the Zombies
  • Complete office objectives
  • Dashing to evade Zombie attacks.
  • Using office stationary to put down infectious co-workers
  • Saving co-workers

-Special Thanks-

Azureflux for music, Check his stuff out

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"This is a small preview of the game, Demo coming soon" -OGD

Published Dec 01, 2015
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags16-bit, Arcade, Casual, Pixel Art, Zombies

Install instructions

-Please the game with an aspect ratio of 4:3 to properly see the UI-

640x480 / 800x600 / 1024x768 / 1152x864 / 1280x960 / 1600x1200


ClockOutWindows.zip 18 MB
ClockOutOSX.zip 20 MB
ClockOutLinux.zip 21 MB


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We have postpone our Demo release date due to course deadlines we are trying to meet. At the meantime we are working on Clock Out, but only in our spare time. Polishing the mechanics and having a flowing version of Clock Out is what we want to achieve.


This game is rad! Fun gameplay, pretty good polish at itch games go, and great concept!

HERE is a video I made about it! I encountered a glitch where I suddenly had a slower movement speed for the remainder of my playtime, but other than that it was great. Good game guys!


Hi Gamersaurus, Thank you for taking the time and effort to do the video really appreciate it. My highlight of the video is how you got the general idea of the game and was spot on with the functionality of how the game plays. Props go to you for spotting glitch, Thank you Gamersaurus and will hit you up when demo is released.

Kind regards,

Noel Kohere


I had a ton of fun playing. This is definitely one of the most solid games I've seen on itch.io, and it's something anyone who's had a job can relate to. I look forward to playing future versions!

By the way, I think the glitch occurred when I died while walking on the purple-slow-down-stuff, if that helps you with troubleshooting.

Good luck with the development,


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Hi Andy,

Thank you for the reply. I am glad you had fun. We want the game to be fun and simple, but occasionally make it challenging at the same time. Clock Out is parody of the zombie survival genres. So with that in mind we are working on stretching the boundaries of the office life and think outside the box.

It has been a few months since we made the current build for itch.io. But the next version will be a bigger step towards what we are trying to achieve. We are juggling a few projects at the moment but this game is our priority.

The glitch with the Jam jar is one of many things we have fixed. The demo version will be far more polished.

Thank you again Andy for the message much appericiated,

Noel Kohere

could we possibly get some 16:9 ratios and some proper menus? i could not get the menus to work except for mindlessly clicking on the start menu. the death menu did not work at all.

Hello squigglez, thank you for your concern with the prototype. At the moment our ratio is 4:3, 1600 x 1200 is a suitable preference when playing. The UI is more visible in this screen resolution. This is possibly the reason why you can not click on the menu buttons properly. This concern has been brought up in the past. We will sort this problem out when the new Clock Out demo is released.

Hopefully this helps, flip me another message if you have any other concerns.

Have a good day,

Noel Kohere

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Ign "would zombie again" ---- made a video of it My video

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Hi jeybigbrain, Thank you for downloading the game and for the video, much appreciated.At this stage we are still fixing areas in the game. Hopefully the game will be a lot more polished when we release the demo at the end of January next year.

Happy holidays,

Noel Kohere


Downloading this game now. Cant wait to play it. Just goes to show that indie developers can give us better games then others.


Hi TheofficalDuane, thank you for downloading the game. It is just a little snip of whats to come and will post you when the demo comes out.

Happy holidays,

Noel Kohere


I made a video for this totally awsome game!


Hi Natenatic, Noel here, I am the game creator and one half of obsessive game developers. Thank you for the Clock Out play-through. Appreciate the YouTube clip and the "Aww F**K". Very funny and a definite highlight. Your gameplay has help us out a lot. It has encourage us to tweak the game mechanics and polish it up a bit more. Again thank you, also I will hit you up when better version is out.

Kind regards,

Noel Kohere


This game is awesome! Can't wait to see the next build. :)


I really love the idea of this game, even though I am not a big zombie game guy. I would love to see more of this when it's done, great job!

Here's a few of my playthroughs, really highlighting the use of stationary supplies as weapons, including the jam from the co-worker who is always eating toast:

I did have issues with the walls and the co-workers locking you in place, other than that, awesome concept and great music! :)


Thank you so much for playing our game. Something we have just realised because of your playthrough was that we should have mentioned the ideal aspect ratio for this version is 4:3. This would have allowed better viewing of the UI. We have now added this to the install instructions. Thanks for bringing our attention to this.


OMG i love this game


10/10 Would reccomend.


when the devs comment on their own game...


When you reply to devs comment on loving game...